Roll out your yoga mat & let go of everything you think your practice “should” be. 
We are learning to breathe, move, & live in harmony with ourselves, one another, & nature.

We all have our own unique journey & no matter where you are in yours, 
a consistent yoga & meditation practice will undoubtedly bring more peace & space into your life.  

If you’re nervous, I get it. Take a deep breath & take it one step at a time. 
You’re stronger than you think!

Studio Be

Sammy’s weekly classes are offered at Studio Be in downtown Madison, Indiana. With a wide variety of class styles available, you are sure to find the right fit for you & your experience level. 

Studio Be provides all necessary props, including spare yoga mats if you don’t have your own. 

Sammy Lyon

Hello, my name is Sammy & I’m the yogi behind Lavender Lyon. We all find our way to yoga at our own time & for our own reasons, & I encourage students to observe & celebrate their unique yoga practice exactly as it is. Yoga is a magical journey & should be just as fun & lighthearted as it is challenging & rewarding. 

I’m an RYT-240 Yoga Instructor with 200 hours of training in Ashtanga & Rocket Foundations from Yoga Ah Studio, 20 hours of kids yoga training from Busy Being Kids Yoga, & 20 hours of trauma-informed training from Sage Yoga Co. 

I’ve never loved anything more than sharing the gift of yoga with others & I would love to help you explore deeper spaces in your mind, body, & spirit. 

Your body is capable of much more than you may realize! I’m here to help guide you through that realization & empower you to take these sacred tools into your own hands.


My Mom

“I began my yoga practice almost 6 years ago at home in my basement before I started attending Sammy’s classes in person. Her classes are designed for all skill levels, & she makes you feel comfortable whether it’s your first yoga class or you’ve been doing yoga for years. Before I started doing yoga on a regular basis, I had a lot of lower back pain, & I had a hard time turning my head from side to side. I feel like both of those things are much better now, if not gone, since doing yoga. I am much more relaxed after each class & throughout my week. Sammy spends a lot of time preparing for her classes & it shows because each class is the same but different. She always has the perfect combination of stretch, meditation through breath, and workout. Cozy Yoga on Tuesday nights is awesome & I sleep better after her class than any other night of the week. I highly recommend Sammy, not just because she’s my daughter, but because she’s an amazing person & yoga instructor. I am her #1 biggest fan!”

Brittany W.

“What I love most about Sammy’s classes is Sammy herself. She is a kind, thoughtful, & inspiring individual that has made my reintroduction to yoga a pleasant journey. Sammy utilizes various props during class which I feel takes away the pressure to achieve the “perfect pose”. Her gentle nature allows her to connect with her students, regardless of age or ability, seamlessly. If you’re undecided about attending one of her classes, I encourage you to give it a try. Your mind & body will thank you.” 

Jennifer S.

“I have been practicing yoga on & off for many years now. Through my practice, I have experienced the teaching of many different yoga instructors. Sammy is truly one of my favorite instructors. Sammy incorporates mind, body, & spirit into her teachings. She really cares about her students & gently guides us into tuning into our bodies, pushing ever so gently while honoring where each individual is in their practice. While cueing each pose, she softly explains what that pose can do for your mind, body, & spirit. Sammy always makes everyone feel welcome! If you are new to yoga or already have your own practice but would like to join a class… Sammy is your girl. Full of love & light, you will walk away feeling loved & grateful that you spent that time on your mat with Sammy & other like-minded souls. It is truly magical!”

Kelly G.

“Sammy’s openness, expertise, & mindfulness make her classes inviting, warm, & personalized. I have learned to breathe into resistance (as long as there is no pain) & expand there, in that space. I have learned to listen to my body. Most remarkably, Sammy’s Cozy Yoga classes have given me the opportunity to truly, fully relax, granting my body the restoration & peace it deserves.”

David T.

“No matter how I feel before a session with Sammy, I always feel much better at the end, & ready to take on the day! Sammy is a true student of the practice of yoga, & it is clear she loves to share her knowledge in our practices. I appreciate all of it!”

Heather W.

“I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and find Sammy to be a wonderful instructor. She creates an authentic & welcoming environment for everyone with a variety of classes, integrating sound bowls, breath work, & much more. The overall vibe/experience Sammy creates is a warm & welcoming one for EVERYONE. Her classes offer enough detailed instruction for a beginner to feel completely comfortable & an experienced yogi to be challenged & refreshed by her teaching style. She beautifully balances alignment cues to help students get the full feel for the posture, but also is able to help you connect with your breath to get out of your head & fully into your body. By attending her classes, you can tell that Sammy is a creative soul that loves yoga & cares deeply about creating/holding space for you to be fully yourself.”


Wanda H.

“Sammy is an excellent yoga teacher. It’s clear that she spends a lot of time with self-study, as she brings fresh ideas to class every week. She is empowering & caring. I have arthritis in my knee & knowing my limitations, Sammy gently challenges me while always encouraging pose modifications. My knee is stronger now with Sammy’s yoga classes. I recommend her classes to everyone who thinks they are too stiff or in too much pain. You will love yourself for it.”